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03 Sep

iPhones Overloading ATT

Just doing my part with this post from my iPhone to keep the ATT network overloaded. Read more at Slashdot.

01 Sep

Canon 7D

What can I say? I’m already drooling over this camera – likely my next. Read the preview at DP Review.

10 Feb

From ListServs to Facebook Status

I had an interesting conversational experience in Facebook over the weekend that highlighted a problem with Twitter as a social tool.  First a little background. I started using Facebook before starting to use Twitter.  I used to go into Facebook to update my status pretty regularly, but I wanted to understand Twitter better.  So I […]

31 Dec

Disappointing Moleskine

What a disappointment!  I’m a devout moleskine carrier (pocket squared notebook – 192 pages) and decided to try the soft cover version.  I typically carry the notebook in my back pocket, so I sit on it all the time.  For the hardcover version, I add extra tape to the cover to prevent it from falling […]

19 Dec

1 TB Drive for $79

I posted about $120 1.5TB drives a couple of weeks ago.  Now you can get a Hitachi 1TB for $79 (after rebate).  Looks like the 1TB drives have reached parity with the cost of the 1.5TB drives — both about 8 cents per GB.

01 Dec

1.5 TB Drives for $120

At Tiger Direct.  Disk is down to 8 cents per GB now. Who would have believed it a few years ago?  Can’t promise the link will last long, but I’m amazed at the continuous drop in price along with the corresponding increase in capacity.  Just a year ago I was raving about purchasing 1 TB drives for […]

10 Nov

Recirculation of Urban Legends

I just got another e-mail referencing Ben Stein’s Christmas comments and had to pause to reflect on the fact that this is the third year that I’ve gotten e-mail with this.  The first one was sent to me back in mid 2006, with another round in 2007 and now one in 2008.  True, the seasonal nature […]

05 Nov

Cookie Licker

Could this be the origin of the term “cookie licker”?

25 Oct

Trying Twitter Again

Okay, I still don’t get it entirely, but I’m giving it yet another shot.  The Facebook Twitter app now seems to work, so I’ll start posting my tweets via mobile and they’ll update my Facebook status as well as Twitter. The Twitter link is on the sidebar for future reference.  My Twitter identity is “kosherhog”. […]

24 Oct

RAID Is Dead In 2009

I read this on Slashdot a couple of days ago and found it pretty interesting … RAID is essentially dead because of large disks.  In the time it takes to reconstruct a failed drive, there will be another unrecoverable read error in one of the other disks, essentially making the reconstruction fail, which means that the entire […]

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