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19 Aug


I’ve been getting nailed all day by this new variant of the W32/Sobig.F-mm virus (read about it here). This virus is worse than many others because it not only scans address books and contact lists for e-mail addresses but it also goes through your Internet cache. That means that any infected people out there who have visited my web site are now filling up my mailboxes with junk.

This is simple, folks. Get virus protection. It’s not expensive. Personally I prefer Symantec/Norton Anti-Virus, but I don’t care which one you use, just as long as you use it. There’s really no excuse for this.

Just in case this seems funny, remember that while it’s filling up my inbox, it’s clogging up your dial-up connection. At some point, this problem is going to reach a critical level where the Internet is all but useless. It’s time to start taking some responsibility for your access to the net.

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