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05 Dec

Video Capture, Stage 2

MiniDVHitachi-Hard-Drive-TravelStar-T7K250-250GBA couple of years ago, I converted all of my old VHS-C tapes to DVD — 24 DVDs in all.  Now I’m starting stage 2 of the process of converting all of my video tapes — the miniDV collection.  Estimated storage required for raw video capture is 300 GB.  Today the approximate cost per GB is 8.21 cents (about $25 for this project).  3 years ago (where the collection ends), the cost was about 3 times higher.  While still practical to do 3 years ago, it amazes me to think about how much storage costs have dropped.  When I first bought the mini DV camera (1999), the cost of per GB was around $16 — putting the total cost of this project at about $4800.  This site has a great history of the cost of storage.

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