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27 Jun

Can You Hear Us Now?

Verizon has waved the white flag on cellular number portability and seems to be making the necessary changes to support it by November 24th. I think this is a big win for them. AT&T used to be the leader in the market by having the most comprehensive cellular coverage along with coast-to-coast service without roaming, but Verizon seems to have picked up while AT&T is flailing by trying to switch over to GSM and GPRS service. Personally, I’m very tired of dropped calls and poor quality AT&T service that the switch for me to something else is almost a given.

Many folks like me won’t change service providers because our cell phones are an important unit of stability (along with our e-mail addresses) and thus I’ve been stuck for several years now. The FCC ruling here will increase the competitive nature of the cellular service providers and really force them to offer great service. It’s about time.

More on this story is on CNet.

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