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08 Apr

A Great Thought About The Film Industry

Just read this on News.COM

“We are a conflicted industry,” [Disney Chairman Michael] Eisner said. “Hollywood studios spend enormous sums of money encouraging people to see its films and TV shows and then spend more money devising ways to control and limit how people can see its films and TV shows. Disney (is) mindful of the perils of piracy, but we will not let the fear of piracy prevent us from fueling the fundamental impulse to innovate and improve our products and how they are distributed,” Eisner continued.

This comment came as Disney revealed its new set-top box, movie on demand technology that uses “spare bits” within the video broadcast stream to download first run movies. These spare bits are created by adding a digital data stream to the analog broadcast system that can run at up to 4.5 Mbps. I can’t wait to see if they can get this off the ground.

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