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13 Feb

No Telemarketers Except Us

There’s nothing more amusing than a bill with a self-serving component. The Washington Post reports today that the House approved a bill setting up a national “Do Not Call” list for those of us who do not want to be called by telemarketers. Of course, the telemarketers are fighting this tooth and nail on the basis of free speech rights, but most of us would just prefer to eat dinner in peace without the constant telephone interruptions.

Of course, Congress exempted themselves, like they do from everything. According to the Post, “charities, surveys and calls on behalf of politicians would be exempt”. So, just to be clear here — are we talking 501(c) charitable organizations? Does the organization have to make the call themselves or can they pay a telemarketing firm to call for them? (Personally I hate when they do that.) And which surveys would be exempt? Those that are sponsored by corporations or political surveys only? And why on earth do I have to take a telemarketing call from a politician?

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