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07 Jun

And Down Goes The $1 Movie — Film88.COM Shutdown

CNet reports that has been shutdown, a second strike by the MPAA. Film88 used servers in the Netherlands because high speed Internet access in the Middle East is hard to come by. Score one for the MPAA, but this won’t last long — do they really think that the Film88 guys won’t figure out how to beat this one?

Jack Valenti — it’s time to cut a reasonable deal. These guys are going to keep at it until they succeed, and when they do, you won’t get a cut of the profits. This is really about greed, pure and simple.

By comparison, when the software industry finally realized that they couldn’t prevent people from copying software, the business strategy changed. I think it’s time that Hollywood recognize that this is going to continue and it’s going to get harder and harder to beat these guys. They would have been happy paying $0.25 per film viewed. With the qualities proposed (100k to 500k), that wouldn’t have been a bad start.

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