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08 Sep

Thoughts On Obama’s Speech This Morning

obamaNice speech, full text is available here.  The first thing that came to mind listening to this speech was that it would have been nice if Obama said “world” a few times in the speech instead of “country”.  Based on the prepared text, he said “country” seven times in the speech, with the phrases “future of this country”, “you’re quitting on your country”, “best schools in this country”, “you give up on your country”, “who loved their country too”, “what all of you did for this country”, and “don’t let your family or your country or yourself down”. In contrast, the term “world” was used with “best schools in the world”, “the most successful people in the world”, and “won a world war”.

I think the speech would have been even better if he at least included something that showed a little global vision, some acknowledgement that the US is part of a global community and that staying in school gives one the opportunity to make the world a better place (in addition to making this a great country).

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