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25 Mar

Doonesbury On Copying Music

This week’s Doonesbury ought to be interesting. Looks like Garry Trudeau is about to launch a commentary on music sharing on the internet. Today’s strip already begins to make his point — that “pirated” music is “stolen goods”. As you have read in previous posts, I’m not certain that shared MP3 files are in fact “pirated copies” or “stolen goods” in quite the same way that walking out of a store with your pockets full of merchandise is.

I’m a long time Doonesbury fan, even if I don’t always agree with Mr. Trudeau. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series.

I’ve included today’s strip in this post because I believe that it is within the realm of “fair use” — it’s here to facilitate my commentary on this subject. I’m sure I’ll hear from the Doonesbury syndicator if I’m in error. The rest of the series will not be posted here, unless there is a particular comment that I intend to make about one of the strips.

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