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27 Sep

Published Rodeo Photo

The Seattle Times published one of my photos in their “Pix From My Weekend” site.  This is the first time I’ve had one of my photos published in  the print media.  You can see the photo in its full glory at  Below is a screen cap of the web page where the photo is shown.  I thought it was particularly cool that the editors actually comment on the photo itself:

Expert says: “Shooting from a high angle helps clean up the background of the photo. Cropping the photo into a vertical would help eliminate some of the excessive dead space around the horse and the rider. Dead space can be tricky; sometimes it helps you, other times it doesn’t. Nevertheless, this is still a great peak action moment.” — Carrie Niland, Seattle Times photo editor 

FWIW, cropping to vertical wouldn’t leave much of an image left, although cropping to an 8×10 improves the image a bit.  I submitted it in its original format.

  Rodeo Online 2.jpg

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