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18 Feb

What I Like About Zunes

I recently acquired a Zune to replace my iPod.  While it’s clearly a 1.0 product, there are some very cool features that I’ve come to enjoy.

  1. The awesome display.  I recently was sitting on an airplane next to someone with an iPod video, both of us watching videos on our iPod.  Only one of us was squinting and it wasn’t me.
  2. The FM radio.  Seems like an odd feature, but the gym where I exercise broadcasts the TV audio on different FM frequency.  The FM radio means that I can jump from listening to music to watching TV with one device.
  3. The user interface.  It took me a minute to readjust from the scroll wheel to the click, but once I did, it ended up being more natural.  I also really like the “back” button, which will cycle you back to where you started if you keep hitting back.  That was always one of the things that annoyed me with my iPod.

Is it perfect?  No.  Is it better than my last iPod — absolutely.

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