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23 Jun

Photos from Seattle Washington

Most everyone who knows me knows that I am leaving the Washington DC area and moving to the great Northwest — Seattle Washington. I had the opportunity recently to take a motorcycle ride through Whidbey Island and discovered that Deception Pass is a spectacular sight.

Obviously I didn’t take this picture but I figured I should include a recent photo.
Deception_Pass1 (68k image)

This picture focuses in on the Deception Pass State Park. Minimal edits to the picture to lighten the trees. Shot from my Digital Rebel, 24mm focal length, 1/400 sec, f/10, iso 100. Really a spectacular photo.

Deception_Pass2 (62k image)

One more from the town of Langley. Langley is a tiny town on the coast of Whidbey Island. I’m not sure what compelled me, but I walked out into the middle of the street and took this picture. Shot from my Digital Rebel, 110mm focal length, 1/250 sec, f/5.6, iso 100.

Langley (70k image)

One more. Yes, it occasionally rains in Seattle. Afterwards, the rainbows look spectacular. Shot from my Digital Rebel, 24mm focal length, 1/125 sec, f/5.6, iso 100.

Rainbow-1-1 (35k image)

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