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30 Sep


Wow, flashback from high school, but with a high tech twist – gpsAssassin for the iPhone. Looks like it could be a hit -a Facebook tie-in would make it even more popular, with news feed posts showing your status in the game.

26 Sep

Facebook Status Updates to Twitter

It surprises me that Facebook doesn’t support publishing to Twitter. After all, I would think that Facebook would _want_ to be the user interface on my screen. As it is now, I only have the option of going from Twitter to Facebook, which I find to be less functional. Even Posterous works better if you […]

25 Sep

Photo of the Week

I thought I might try to be more regular with my postings, perhaps from time to time posting a photo that I think is interesting.  Below is a photo taken on the pigtails, a windy narrow road with a number of tunnels that leads to Mt. Rushmore.

08 Sep

Thoughts On Obama’s Speech This Morning

Nice speech, full text is available here.  The first thing that came to mind listening to this speech was that it would have been nice if Obama said “world” a few times in the speech instead of “country”.  Based on the prepared text, he said “country” seven times in the speech, with the phrases “future of this […]

03 Sep

Overhead Squats

Not a big fan of overhead squats, but learning how to do them. Here are a couple of photos showing my form, which is apparently pretty good, but not with a lot of weight (25k).  Do I look like I’m struggling here?  

03 Sep

iPhones Overloading ATT

Just doing my part with this post from my iPhone to keep the ATT network overloaded. Read more at Slashdot.

01 Sep

Canon 7D

What can I say? I’m already drooling over this camera – likely my next. Read the preview at DP Review.

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