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31 Dec

Disappointing Moleskine

What a disappointment!  I’m a devout moleskine carrier (pocket squared notebook – 192 pages) and decided to try the soft cover version.  I typically carry the notebook in my back pocket, so I sit on it all the time.  For the hardcover version, I add extra tape to the cover to prevent it from falling […]

19 Dec

1 TB Drive for $79

I posted about $120 1.5TB drives a couple of weeks ago.  Now you can get a Hitachi 1TB for $79 (after rebate).  Looks like the 1TB drives have reached parity with the cost of the 1.5TB drives — both about 8 cents per GB.

01 Dec

1.5 TB Drives for $120

At Tiger Direct.  Disk is down to 8 cents per GB now. Who would have believed it a few years ago?  Can’t promise the link will last long, but I’m amazed at the continuous drop in price along with the corresponding increase in capacity.  Just a year ago I was raving about purchasing 1 TB drives for […]

01 Dec

Las Vegas Motorcycle Trip

Now there’s a couple of happy motorcycle dudes.  Here’s a photo from a 3 day Las Vegas ride I did with my dad.  We rode a total of 800 miles, covering 3 states, including a long stretch on the Mother Road, Route 66.

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