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29 Nov

Interesting Article On Glycemic Index

From MSNBC – — if you just do your nutrition management based on glycemic index, you are fooling yourself.  This article makes some good points about why GI isn’t as meaningful as one might think.

17 Nov

Pull-Ups – Get Some And Then Get Some More

Get some, and then get some more.  Just put in the Studbar Pullup Bar and have been working on my pullups.  Yup, I continue to be a fitness geek.  This bar is awesome.  The rafters in my garage are 2x4s so I may sister them up just to make me feel a little better about not […]

14 Nov


Fascinating website on journaling. I’m a pen and paper guy — I carry a Moleskine notebook in my back pocket all the time — I should write down what’s going on in my life in addition to all of the work notes that I take.  I like some of the ideas that this website proposes […]

10 Nov

Recirculation of Urban Legends

I just got another e-mail referencing Ben Stein’s Christmas comments and had to pause to reflect on the fact that this is the third year that I’ve gotten e-mail with this.  The first one was sent to me back in mid 2006, with another round in 2007 and now one in 2008.  True, the seasonal nature […]

05 Nov

Cookie Licker

Could this be the origin of the term “cookie licker”?

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