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15 Oct

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment

I haven’t had much to say politically lately, so here it comes … MSNBC is clearly “left-leaning”, so it shoud be no surprise where Olbermann comes down on this issue, but that doesn’t make his point any less valid.  The McCain campaign has been surprisingly quiet on the shouts of hatred at the rallies […]

14 Oct

Attempting To Post By E-mail

Okay, I’m not thrilled with this, but at least I fixed some of the problems with the e-mail handling in WordPress.  I find that from time to time I have something to say and I’d like to be able to say it from my mobile phone.  So I’m going to give this e-mail posting thing […]

13 Oct

A DRM Free World

From XKCD … my thoughts exactly.  I have been goofing around with a Zune pass and, while I like the general idea of pulling in any sort of music that I want, it’s a little frustrating to know that it’ll disappear once the Zune pass expires.  (There are other frustrations with the Zune pass, but […]

13 Oct


Just migrated over to  Cheaper than maintaining my own server at this point and I’m not really doing anything that I require root access these days.  Hopefully everything is still functioning properly — if not, send me an e-mail.

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