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31 Oct

The Next President

Watching Rachel Maddow interview Barak Obama, it occurred to me that it will be terrific to have an _articulate_ president.

28 Oct

Election 2008

Here’s a cool link to see how you line up with the candidates on the issues –  Sorry, my results are undisclosed (but perhaps obvious nonetheless).

25 Oct

Trying Twitter Again

Okay, I still don’t get it entirely, but I’m giving it yet another shot.  The Facebook Twitter app now seems to work, so I’ll start posting my tweets via mobile and they’ll update my Facebook status as well as Twitter. The Twitter link is on the sidebar for future reference.  My Twitter identity is “kosherhog”. […]

24 Oct

RAID Is Dead In 2009

I read this on Slashdot a couple of days ago and found it pretty interesting … RAID is essentially dead because of large disks.  In the time it takes to reconstruct a failed drive, there will be another unrecoverable read error in one of the other disks, essentially making the reconstruction fail, which means that the entire […]

22 Oct

WHS Saves The Day

It seems that Windows Home Server does the job when it comes to backup. One of my laptops lost its hard drive. After replacing it, I booted up the system with the WHS recovery disk (on a USB key actually) and did a full restore. Two hours later the machine was back to life – sweet!

21 Oct


I wish I had a browser that worked well for Windows Mobile – even though I’m able to make some accommodation by only visiting mobile-enabled sites. I’m experimenting with Skyfire to see if it is a better browser. So far I like the UI but it’s a bit of a memory hog. More later …

21 Oct

Simple Post

This should be an interesting experiment – a “simple” posting plug in to satisfy my urge to post wherever I am. We’ll see how it works.

20 Oct

Slashdot Article On Creativity

Interesting article that points out that the most creative time of the day is 10:04 PM. That explains why I’m blogging this now :-)

19 Oct

Something In Exchange For A Heroes HD DVD

I bought an Xbox HD-DVD drive at Best Buy a while ago and never received the promised Heroes first season box set. So I’m at Best Buy now doing another errand an checking to see what they’ll do for me. Promises to be interesting :-) Update: So after waiting around for a while, they finally […]

18 Oct

Neat Receipts

Now here’s a disappointment.  I just purchased a Neat Receipts mobile scanner, thinking the size would be incredibly convenient for converting to a paperless office and just found out that the software doesn’t work with 64-bit Vista.  I called them and apparently the software will be ready in January 2009, but their suggestion was to return […]

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