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Archive for June, 2008

13 Jun

Tim Russert Dead at 58

Bummer.  I always enjoyed listening to him and thought that he was a class act.  More at

12 Jun

Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed

I’ve been goofing around with Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed and microblogging and there’s clearly a few things I just don’t get.  I started with Twitter, before Facebook, and thought it would be really cool to share status and microblog from my phone.  But when Facebook arrived, where all my friends are (it turns out), I […]

10 Jun


One of the great things about living in the great northwest — seeing the occasional eagle.  Click through for a larger version.  

08 Jun

Pretty Funny — Who Disconnects These Days?

Just saw the following dialog box as I was installing .NET 3.5 onto my computer … talk about an anachronism …   (dialog box edited for size)

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