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22 Feb

Thus Endeth HD-DVD

An ad from Tiger Direct — I guess if you are looking for an upconverting DVD player, this isn’t too bad a choice if you also have a few HD-DVDs. Blu-Ray was a big win for Sony, considering their other strikeouts (memory stick, BetaMax, mini-disc).

14 Feb

Grumbling about Amazon MP3

I think that Amazon MP3 is a great service, but the pricing is _so_ wrong.  I considered downloading the latest Sheryl Crow disk, but it is priced only $1 less than the actual CD.  I don’t understand economically how that is a win for me — I lose the album art and I have to […]

09 Feb

6 Years A-Blogging

I just realized that I’ve been blogging now for 6 years.  The first post to my web site (then was in February 2002. Hard to imagine that I’ve been doing this for that long.  I know that I wasn’t one of the first bloggers out there — Wikipedia suggests that the term itself was […]

09 Feb

Seattle Weather and Riding

I think that it’s about time to start riding the motorcycle regularly now.  The weather has gotten a bit warmer and I noted that it’s getting dark a bit later.  I’m definitely feeling good about that. Because my hands get cold when I ride, I had heated grips installed when I got my new ride.  […]

09 Feb

The Hamster Wheel

I’m still going strong on the treadmill.  It’s been a week since I installed the treadmill and I’m pretty happy with the results.  On most days I seem to walk around 4 miles at a pace of 1 mph.  I haven’t really noticed any difference in my weight (not that I’m trying to lose any) […]

02 Feb

Walking While Working

I have joined the ranks of the “work walkers” — I now have a treadmill in my office.  The walking while working movement was started by Dr. James Levine of the Mayo clinic.  His basic premise is that NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is more important that regular excercise.  One way to trigger NEAT is to walk while […]

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