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25 Jan

Follow Up on the Home Media Network

I finally got everything configured with the Windows Home Server (see this post).  My home network now looks something like this: The Media Center is a pretty old, single core AMD 3200 system, so I’m not getting full 1080p resolution out of the video card because there’s just not enough horsepower in the CPU (I […]

25 Jan

Canon EOS 450D

It figures.  Shortly after purchasing my 400D, the 450D comes out.  It’s got some neat features, but probably not worth getting too excited over yet.  There’s one significant missing feature that would hold me back from upgrading — no “custom” settings.  I find that this is the most annoying missing feature of the prosumer DSLRs.  […]

02 Jan

Personal Terabyte

In early 2002, I recall a conversation with my friend Alden Hart, now CTO of The Adrenaline Group, about what he referred to as the “personal terabyte”.  We wondered when the price of disk would be cheap enough that home users would have a TB of disk in their homes.  Well, we’re clearly there.  I just […]

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