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25 Jan

The Music Industry Finally Gets The Memo

I was amused to see this story — Music Industry Embraces an Online Future — talk about how the music industry is getting healthier with online music sales. The story is pretty much a fluff piece about how people are starting to buy music online, but the funniest quote in the article has to be […]

24 Jan

Favorite Destinations

Courtesy of my neighborhood Staples store. I assume that someone working at the store did this for laughs. I didn’t set this up in any way — I just walked by it and had to take a picture. This image was shot with my Verizon Audiovox cellphone camera. That should explain the quality (or lack […]

20 Jan


I realized that I don’t actually have a photo of myself on this site. This image was taken with my Canon G3. This picture is of the second longest covered bridge in North America. It was taken 1 July 2004 in Waltham, Quebec with my Canon EOS Digital Rebel. Bikers seem to have a thing […]

20 Jan

SR-71 from Udvar Hazy Museum

I went to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum a couple of weeks ago and took this photo of the SR-71. The photo was shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel at ISO 1600, f3.5, 1/50s , no flash, with a Sigma lens. I’m continually impressed with the quality of the images from this camera. […]

20 Jan

Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Purchase Difficulties

I recently failed to acquire a 3-seat license for NAV using their DigitalRiver download system because of what appears to be a coding problem. When you download the setup program after purchase, you are actually getting a Download Manager, which then retrieves the product from the server. Well, the setup program wouldn’t connect on any […]

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