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Archive for August, 2004

30 Aug

XM Gets on the Wrong Side of the Digital Content Battle

I haven’t really said much of the recent P2P software ruling, which roughly says that P2P companies aren’t really liable for the content they move around on their networks. I guess at this stage, I’ve said it a million times already that I believed that to be true and the reason that the obvious ruling […]

27 Aug

Running with an iPod

I’ve been running for some time now (3 miles a day) and when my treadmill broke, I decided to run outside with my iPod (3G). At first, I clipped it to my running shorts, but I found that it was heavy enough to tug at the waist. Not wanting to expose myself, I put the […]

06 Aug


Well, duh. In what had to be one of the dumbest attempts to control spam, our government passed the CAN-SPAM law, which placed requirements on spammers to have verifiable return addresses, use opt-out lists, etc. This story, posted on Yahoo, reports that the law is a total bust. Non-compliance fell, meaning that just over 1/2 […]

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