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28 Jun

Do Not Call

The FTC’s Do Not Call list has to be one of the silliest exercises that I’ve seen in a long time. This feel good service allows you to register all of your phone numbers (both landlines and cell phones) that you want removed from the telemarketing call lists. I registered the five phone numbers that […]

27 Jun

Harry Potter and the Houses of the CEOs

Just couldn’t resist, being a Harry Potter fan, posting this article from Motley Fool, where Rick Munarriz sorts various current and former CEOs into the Houses of Hogwarts. I’m surprised WorldCom’s Bernie Ebbers didn’t make thie list for the House of Slythern. I would imagine that Katherine Graham when she was alive would have been […]

27 Jun

The Future of Sun and BEA

At a dinner function last night, the discussion of what happens with Sun and BEA came up. Sun is clearly the odd man out in the operating system war between Microsoft and Linux. BEA seems to also be in trouble given the fact that IBM’s WebSphere and Microsoft’s .NET are now poised to battle it […]

27 Jun

Can You Hear Us Now?

Verizon has waved the white flag on cellular number portability and seems to be making the necessary changes to support it by November 24th. I think this is a big win for them. AT&T used to be the leader in the market by having the most comprehensive cellular coverage along with coast-to-coast service without roaming, […]

27 Jun

Spammers Creating the Viruses?

CNet reports today that many of the e-mail viruses now infecting systems worldwide may have been created by spammers as a means for creating relays for sending spam. Since the anti-spam software has been pretty effective at stopping spam from specific servers, the next step for spammers is to try and get control of home […]

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