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28 Apr

Apple Bites Into The Music Industry

Today, Apple unveiled their iTunes Music Store with the tag line “Downloads Done Right”. Not much has been published about this yet, but here’s my take based on what I can see from their web site. Frankly this service will have about zero impact on anyone currently sharing MP3 files. Here are the major problems […]

09 Apr

Portable Cellular Numbers And What Happens Next

I’ve been waiting for cell phone number portability for a long time. I currently use AT&T as my carrier, but have been disappointed with their service, particularly in downtown Washington DC. Today’s Washington Post reports on the upcoming change that requires cell phone number portability between providers. Put it on your calendars now — November […]

08 Apr

A Great Thought About The Film Industry

Just read this on News.COM — “We are a conflicted industry,” [Disney Chairman Michael] Eisner said. “Hollywood studios spend enormous sums of money encouraging people to see its films and TV shows and then spend more money devising ways to control and limit how people can see its films and TV shows. Disney (is) mindful […]

03 Apr

Whither Thou Bloggest?

As I’m sitting here in a forum discussing the use of blogs, I’m listening to a speaker talk about how those of us who only post every couple of weeks aren’t really taking full advantage of blogs. Being an example of that, I thought I’d go ahead and make my first April post. Blogs have […]

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