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Archive for September, 2002

12 Sep

Hijacking Domain Names

ITWorld.COM reported on China hijacking Google’s domain name and rerouting it to the site of their choice. I found this fascinating on several different levels. First of all, there’s no way to stop this, short of every user adding “” to their host table (so those more technically saavy will probably do that). “Hijacking”, an […]

09 Sep

Shameless Self-Promotion, Act III

Builder.COM article number 3 has been posted — Bootstrapping A Software Development Project. Feel free to read and send me comments. I’m also looking for topics for future columns for Builder.COM and others. Suggestions?

09 Sep

Well That Was Weird

For those that happened to visit here and note that it was off-line for the last couple of days, I offer my apologies. I’m not in the habit of connecting to my web site every day and consequently didn’t notice that it was down until I went to make a post today. If anyone notices […]

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