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09 Jun

A Final Word On Film88.COM

Film88.COM e-mailed me a notice this morning asking that I read the the following open letter on their website. I’m posting the text here because I have no idea how long that site will be operational — Dear Valued Users and Geeks, We wish to announce that due to the following factors, we shall cease […]

07 Jun

And Down Goes The $1 Movie — Film88.COM Shutdown

CNet reports that has been shutdown, a second strike by the MPAA. Film88 used servers in the Netherlands because high speed Internet access in the Middle East is hard to come by. Score one for the MPAA, but this won’t last long — do they really think that the Film88 guys won’t figure out […]

05 Jun

$1 Movies — CNet Picks Up The Story

You heard it here first, but the full story is now posted on CNet. According to CNet, the Film88 guys are not the same ones as the Movie88 people — they did hire some of the folks who worked on Movie88. However, I was correct in identifying the location of the business — Tehran, Iran. […]

04 Jun

The $1 Movie Returns

It seems like the Movie88 guys have new life in the form of Film88 ( I received the following note in my e-mail this morning from them: Hi, We,, are pleased to announce that we are reviving the concept and technology of the 1-buck-movie on the net, the online movie rental of US$1-00. For […]

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