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23 May

MP3 On Usenet

You may have noticed that I tend to post two articles at a time. I guess it’s like eating potato chips — just can’t write one. I received an e-mail today talking about the stream of MP3s flying through Usenet. I’ve never particularly cared for Usenet as a means of distributing files — they always […]

22 May

And How Bad Is The Tech Bust?

Pretty bad. Bill Rini,, posted a set of pictures of Internet World Los Angeles on his site. These pictures just show how bad things are. I remember speaking to packed audiences back in the good old days of the dot-com era in 1996 and 1997. Now it’s a wasteland. Enjoy the photos — perhaps […]

16 May

More Shameless Self-Promotion

Article #2 was published today on Builder.COM. If you’re a development manager or someone who hires software developers, you might enjoy reading Greet Your Next Job Candidate with a Whiteboard and Marker, a discussion on how to interview. Those of you on the other side of this tech bust, you might want to read it […]

07 May

Want Broadband With Your Fries?

The title says it all. ISP News posted an article today — “Want Broadband With Your Fries?” — describing Softbank’s move to put Wi-Fi into McDonald’s in Japan. Wi-Fi continues to move quickly as the hotspot technology of choice. Several US companies are doing the same thing, including Starbucks. One of the critical technologies that […]

07 May

Apple’s Latest Moves

The Washington Post published an article on Apple yesterday discussing two new capabilities they are adding into their systems. The first is iChat, an AOL Instant Messenger compatible client. This is reportedly the first time that AOL has allowed an external party to create a compatible IM client. Perhaps this will bode well for Jabber […]

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