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29 Apr

Building The Killer Development Team

No apologies for the shameless self-promotion (isn’t that what weblogs are about anyway?) — Builder.COM, a CNet Networks web site, today published an article that I wrote entitled Building The Killer Development Team. It’s a discussion of how to create a software development group and what sorts of players to recruit. Enjoy —

19 Apr

Pen-Based Input

Anoto has created a device that allows text to be entered into a computer using a special pen. While this appears to have been done before in various forms (Mimeo and Crosspad, for example), the Anoto pen takes a slightly different approach. Instead of just recording the stokes that the pen takes, Anoto uses a […]

16 Apr

MCI’s Flat Rate Service

The Washington Post reported today that MCI was starting flat rate “all-distance” service. This is probably one of the most significant attacks in the great long distance/local carrier wars. MCI is essentially offering flat rate service for everything — local, long distance, voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling, and speed dialing. I priced it out for […]

05 Apr

RFIDs For Beer Glasses

Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting this article. Mitsubishi has developed a pint beer glass with an RF ID tag that can signal when it’s empty. Read the details in this Reuters article. That coupled with a device that let’s me ping the waitstaff when I need something would about complete my ideal restaurant experience. There’s […]

05 Apr

Attack of the Clones

This in from the Times Online: Woman “expecting cloned baby” A woman is pregnant with the world’s first cloned baby, it has been reported. The claim has been made by Rome fertility specialist Dr Severino Antinori at a conference in Abu Dhabi, according to a report in the Gulf News. The doctor’s office has refused […]

02 Apr

Kazaa Users — Here’s A Little Something To Stoke Your Paranoia

This in from CNet — Brilliant Digital Entertainment, a digital advertising technology company, has been embedding software in the Kazaa distribution that could turn every computer running Kazaa into a network they control. John Borland’s article says that Brilliant Digital could host and distribute content through this network or use unused processing power for grid […]

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