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25 Mar

Doonesbury On Copying Music

This week’s Doonesbury ought to be interesting. Looks like Garry Trudeau is about to launch a commentary on music sharing on the internet. Today’s strip already begins to make his point — that “pirated” music is “stolen goods”. As you have read in previous posts, I’m not certain that shared MP3 files are in fact […]

19 Mar

Big Day for Compaq and HP

Today’s the big day. Just shortly after this post, the shareholder’s meeting starts to decide whether HP and Compaq will officially merge (see Reuters story on Yahoo). This has been one of the more interesting stories this year. It’s been a tug-of-war between the old and the new, as HP CEO Carly Fiorina works to […]

15 Mar

History Repeats Itself In The Wireless Arena

This article from Business 2.0, The Island of the Wireless Guerrillas describes a wireless broadband initiative now going on in Hawaii. Essentially, Bill Wiecking is bringing wireless access to areas in Hawaii that have DSL or other broadband connections. He’s doing it by taking standard 802.11b (Wi-Fi) access points and adding amplifiers, antennae, and other […]

11 Mar

Sex And The Cell Phone

Just had to post this article from FT.COM on the porn industry’s move to cellular phone technology. Wireless carriers and porn producers are signing partnership deals to deliver “adult entertainment” products on cell phones and other handheld devices. Sex has driven many major technology advances and it’s possible that this may start driving the wireless […]

09 Mar

One More Brief Comment On Movie88

If you’ve been following the Movie88 saga, you know that their ISP (Hinet) has shut them down, caving in to the Taiwanese government with caved in to the MPAA. The press release is on their site — I’m sure Jack Valenti must be very proud of himself. What I want to report is this — […]

09 Mar

Clock Radios With Digital Tuners

This may seem like a strange post, but what the heck. My old “Transcend” clock radio finally decided to stop working after over ten years of use (probably paid a hefty 15 bucks for it when I bought it), so I went out to get a new one today. The only new requirement I had […]

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