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08 Sep

Thoughts On Obama’s Speech This Morning

Nice speech, full text is available here.  The first thing that came to mind listening to this speech was that it would have been nice if Obama said “world” a few times in the speech instead of “country”.  Based on the prepared text, he said “country” seven times in the speech, with the phrases “future of this […]

21 Jan

Obama Inauguration Coverage

First of all, when the coverage starts to focus on the outfits that the Obamas are wearing, I think the news stations consider moving on to covering real news.  But I do want to point out CNN’s PhotoSynth of the Inauguration — this is a very cool example of some technology from Microsoft (yes, I […]

10 Nov

Recirculation of Urban Legends

I just got another e-mail referencing Ben Stein’s Christmas comments and had to pause to reflect on the fact that this is the third year that I’ve gotten e-mail with this.  The first one was sent to me back in mid 2006, with another round in 2007 and now one in 2008.  True, the seasonal nature […]

28 Oct

Election 2008

Here’s a cool link to see how you line up with the candidates on the issues –  Sorry, my results are undisclosed (but perhaps obvious nonetheless).

15 Oct

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment

I haven’t had much to say politically lately, so here it comes … MSNBC is clearly “left-leaning”, so it shoud be no surprise where Olbermann comes down on this issue, but that doesn’t make his point any less valid.  The McCain campaign has been surprisingly quiet on the shouts of hatred at the rallies […]

13 Jun

Tim Russert Dead at 58

Bummer.  I always enjoyed listening to him and thought that he was a class act.  More at

27 Oct

Blue Dress Cigars

Remember Clinton and Lewinsky?  If you are nostalgic for the Clinton administration of the 90s, visit  Need I say more? In addition to Blue Dress Cigars, my friend Mike also has put together a pretty interesting research tool at — definitely worth checking out.

18 Oct

Jon Stewart and Crossfire

If you are a fan of Jon Stewart or are interested in US politics, you have to watch this CNN Crossfire clip. It’s a wild ride. Jon Stewart, invited onto Crossfire, a show he regularly ridicules, chastises the hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala for not doing what the media should be doing. His simple […]

06 Aug


Well, duh. In what had to be one of the dumbest attempts to control spam, our government passed the CAN-SPAM law, which placed requirements on spammers to have verifiable return addresses, use opt-out lists, etc. This story, posted on Yahoo, reports that the law is a total bust. Non-compliance fell, meaning that just over 1/2 […]

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