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12 May

Poverty in Manila

At a recent trip to Manila, I was able to tour a Gawad Kalinga ( community built on a landfill. This is one of my favorite photos from the trip. ”

12 Oct

Smoking Photos

This Gizmodo post and the image to the right reminded me of previous post of mine, which has a photo that Alyssa took in early 2010.

14 Jan

One of Alyssa’s Photos

This is a photo that my daughter Alyssa took for a photography class. Nice work!

10 Jan

Interesting Photo

A little doctored, yes, but I thought it ended up being a pretty interesting photo overall.  This started out as a color photo. I did some High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging on it to turn it into a mostly b&w photo, leaving in the purples and yellows and a bit of green.  When I shot the […]

09 Nov

Photo of the Week – Soccer

I learned a little something about shooting sports photos last week and the tips paid off.  Instead of hacking around with shutter or aperature priority, I set my camera to manual mode, with the shutter speed around 1/1000 to 1/1600, the aperature at f/2.8, and the ISO to automatic on my Canon 7D with the 70-200 f/2.8 […]

20 Oct

Photo of the Week – HDR Imaging

I went to the Kenmore Camera Expo on Sunday and sat in a session to learn about my new Canon EOS 7D.  While in there, I heard about high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.  After a bit of search on the Internet, I found this link which explains how to do HDR in Adobe Lightroom, my tool […]

06 Oct

Photo of the Week

Admittedly a little edited, but I liked the result.  I’m experimenting with shooting in RAW instead of JPEG and this is one of the pictures I took.  I did a bit with the color afterwards to make the colors more vivid.  I especially like the effect on the windows behind the dragon.  This photo was […]

25 Sep

Photo of the Week

I thought I might try to be more regular with my postings, perhaps from time to time posting a photo that I think is interesting.  Below is a photo taken on the pigtails, a windy narrow road with a number of tunnels that leads to Mt. Rushmore.

01 Dec

Las Vegas Motorcycle Trip

Now there’s a couple of happy motorcycle dudes.  Here’s a photo from a 3 day Las Vegas ride I did with my dad.  We rode a total of 800 miles, covering 3 states, including a long stretch on the Mother Road, Route 66.

10 Jun


One of the great things about living in the great northwest — seeing the occasional eagle.  Click through for a larger version.  

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