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18 Mar

Seth Godin’s Talk on the Music Industry

I haven’t had a chance to read the entire thing, but the first part really resonated with me.  More when I’ve done the full read:

22 Feb

Thus Endeth HD-DVD

An ad from Tiger Direct — I guess if you are looking for an upconverting DVD player, this isn’t too bad a choice if you also have a few HD-DVDs. Blu-Ray was a big win for Sony, considering their other strikeouts (memory stick, BetaMax, mini-disc).

14 Feb

Grumbling about Amazon MP3

I think that Amazon MP3 is a great service, but the pricing is _so_ wrong.  I considered downloading the latest Sheryl Crow disk, but it is priced only $1 less than the actual CD.  I don’t understand economically how that is a win for me — I lose the album art and I have to […]

25 Jan

Follow Up on the Home Media Network

I finally got everything configured with the Windows Home Server (see this post).  My home network now looks something like this: The Media Center is a pretty old, single core AMD 3200 system, so I’m not getting full 1080p resolution out of the video card because there’s just not enough horsepower in the CPU (I […]

02 Jan

Personal Terabyte

In early 2002, I recall a conversation with my friend Alden Hart, now CTO of The Adrenaline Group, about what he referred to as the “personal terabyte”.  We wondered when the price of disk would be cheap enough that home users would have a TB of disk in their homes.  Well, we’re clearly there.  I just […]

29 Nov


I’m pretty enamored with Pandora.  This site allows you to build an internet radio channel based on songs and artists that you like.  Backing this is a database called the Music Genome Project, which should obsolete the “genre” tag on your MP3 files, which lack the consistency and taxonomy to be really useful.  Instead, the […]

27 Sep

Published Rodeo Photo

The Seattle Times published one of my photos in their “Pix From My Weekend” site.  This is the first time I’ve had one of my photos published in  the print media.  You can see the photo in its full glory at  Below is a screen cap of the web page where the photo is […]

19 Sep

Tina Fey’s American Express Commercial

I just saw Tina Fey’s American Express commercial for the first time.  I’ve always been a fan of hers, the first female head writer for Saturday Night Live.  Very cool that she has a deal with Amex. 

27 Jun

Could the death of the CD lead to a resurgence of DRM?

A post on Slashdot notes that CD sales continue to decline coinciding with iTunes becoming the third largest music retailer.  Could the end of the CD spell the end of music sharing?  Most shared music comes from ripped CDs.  While individuals can work to unwrap DRM protected music, that is clearly more compicated than ripping a […]

12 Oct

Disney, Apple and ABC to sell TV show episodes online

This is huge (story at It establishes the going rate for a single episode of a TV series at $1.99. That’s probably pretty close to what a DVD set costs with a collection of episodes. $0.99 would be a no brainer, $1.99 is probably easy if you miss one and want to catch up. […]

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