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05 Jan

Amazon Kindle for WP7

I’ve been waiting for this.  Need I say more?

21 Dec

WordPress App For WP7

I just installed WordPress for WP7 & I’m impressed with its clean, simple, & pretty interface. Nice to know that I can blog from anywhere :-)

05 Dec

Video Capture, Stage 2

A couple of years ago, I converted all of my old VHS-C tapes to DVD — 24 DVDs in all.  Now I’m starting stage 2 of the process of converting all of my video tapes — the miniDV collection.  Estimated storage required for raw video capture is 300 GB.  Today the approximate cost per GB […]

11 Oct

High Tech Fiction

I find it interesting that most of the books that I enjoy the most in the “Science Fiction” category are really not “Science Fiction” at all.  I’ve really enjoyed reading Zero History by William Gibson (not quite done yet!) and the other two books in the series.  While the publisher marks them as SF, they […]

22 Jun

Facebook’s Effect on IE8

There’s some seriously bad behavior in Facebook that seems to kill IE8.  Leaving Facebook running overnight in IE results in the following memory utilization the next morning: That’s 1.7 GB of memory consumed by IE8 just for the tab that’s running Facebook.  You can usually tell that things have gone wonky because IE starts showing […]

29 May

Kindle eBook Pricing Problems

This seems like a pricing problem.  Look at the price of this book compared to the paperback.  Why are bits more expensive than atoms?  This is not a game — this is just unfortunate, especially for those of us who prefer our media in electronic form.

13 Mar

Guess What I’m Cancelling in 6 Months?

Hello from, As a Kindle subscriber to Seattle Times, you might like to know of a price change to Seattle Times. Effective March 12th, 2010 the price of Seattle Times has changed to $9.99/month for new subscribers. As an existing subscriber to Seattle Times you will continue to be billed at the previous rate […]

21 Jan

Apple Tablet vs. Kindle

Am I missing something?  Given what little we know about the upcoming Apple Tablet, the rumors all seem to indicate that it’ll have something close to an iPhone compatible app store.  That should mean that the Kindle app, which now runs on PCs and iPhones should also run on the Apple Tablet.  Amazon may lose […]

30 Sep


Wow, flashback from high school, but with a high tech twist – gpsAssassin for the iPhone. Looks like it could be a hit -a Facebook tie-in would make it even more popular, with news feed posts showing your status in the game.

26 Sep

Facebook Status Updates to Twitter

It surprises me that Facebook doesn’t support publishing to Twitter. After all, I would think that Facebook would _want_ to be the user interface on my screen. As it is now, I only have the option of going from Twitter to Facebook, which I find to be less functional. Even Posterous works better if you […]

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