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03 Sep

iPhones Overloading ATT

Just doing my part with this post from my iPhone to keep the ATT network overloaded. Read more at Slashdot.

29 Nov

Interesting Article On Glycemic Index

From MSNBC – — if you just do your nutrition management based on glycemic index, you are fooling yourself.  This article makes some good points about why GI isn’t as meaningful as one might think.

31 Oct

The Next President

Watching Rachel Maddow interview Barak Obama, it occurred to me that it will be terrific to have an _articulate_ president.

22 Oct

WHS Saves The Day

It seems that Windows Home Server does the job when it comes to backup. One of my laptops lost its hard drive. After replacing it, I booted up the system with the WHS recovery disk (on a USB key actually) and did a full restore. Two hours later the machine was back to life – sweet!

21 Oct


I wish I had a browser that worked well for Windows Mobile – even though I’m able to make some accommodation by only visiting mobile-enabled sites. I’m experimenting with Skyfire to see if it is a better browser. So far I like the UI but it’s a bit of a memory hog. More later …

21 Oct

Simple Post

This should be an interesting experiment – a “simple” posting plug in to satisfy my urge to post wherever I am. We’ll see how it works.

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