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20 Oct

Slashdot Article On Creativity

Interesting article that points out that the most creative time of the day is 10:04 PM. That explains why I’m blogging this now :-)

19 Oct

Something In Exchange For A Heroes HD DVD

I bought an Xbox HD-DVD drive at Best Buy a while ago and never received the promised Heroes first season box set. So I’m at Best Buy now doing another errand an checking to see what they’ll do for me. Promises to be interesting :-) Update: So after waiting around for a while, they finally […]

14 Oct

Attempting To Post By E-mail

Okay, I’m not thrilled with this, but at least I fixed some of the problems with the e-mail handling in WordPress.  I find that from time to time I have something to say and I’d like to be able to say it from my mobile phone.  So I’m going to give this e-mail posting thing […]

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