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02 Dec

Home Stand Up Desk

I just read this blog post about stand-up and walking desks and realized that I hadn’t posted a picture of my home stand-up desk.  I needed something less complicated at home so I purchased a bit of Ikea furniture to raise the monitors and used the original desk shelf to raise the keyboard.  Worked like […]

02 Jul

Before and After

Some friends saw my Microsoft badge the other day and noted how different I look compared to 2006, before I lost a great deal of weight (about 75 pounds).  Here are three photos from vacations in Hawaii showing what I looked like before and after.  In case you are wondering, I still wear the hat […]

03 Sep

Overhead Squats

Not a big fan of overhead squats, but learning how to do them. Here are a couple of photos showing my form, which is apparently pretty good, but not with a lot of weight (25k).  Do I look like I’m struggling here?  

02 Feb

Great Crossfit Website

Check out – really neat Crossfit website.  It has an encyclopedia of  workouts cross-referenced by movement.  I find that really handy; on the days that I work out at home, I’ll often want to do a workout that includes some movement that I haven’t done in a while or includes some piece of equipement I […]

05 Jan

Crossfit Collage

Yup, that’s me in the lower left of the 2008 crossfit collage for Crossfit Eastside.  Happy New Year to my friends there and I’m looking forward to a great 2009 working out with you.

29 Nov

Interesting Article On Glycemic Index

From MSNBC – — if you just do your nutrition management based on glycemic index, you are fooling yourself.  This article makes some good points about why GI isn’t as meaningful as one might think.

17 Nov

Pull-Ups – Get Some And Then Get Some More

Get some, and then get some more.  Just put in the Studbar Pullup Bar and have been working on my pullups.  Yup, I continue to be a fitness geek.  This bar is awesome.  The rafters in my garage are 2x4s so I may sister them up just to make me feel a little better about not […]

19 Jul

Another Successful STP

Yes, another 200 mile bicycle ride from Seattle to Portland is in the books.  On the 12th and 13th of July 9500 cyclists got up early and started pedaling to Seattle.  I did the same routine as last year, stopping at the halfway point in Centralia for the night on Saturday, but with my new […]

07 May

TrekDesk — A Treadmill Desk

Check out — they are producing a universal desktop that mounts to a treadmill so folks like me won’t have to build their own.  Pretty cool looking.  I’ll be interested in seeing the final results.  Also interesting is the ball seat — a nice addition — but not clear to me how well that […]

29 Mar

New Bike

I splurged and finally bought a road bike.  Bicycle, that is … a LeMond Chambery. Of course, the weather here kind of stinks right now, so I probably won’t be able to ride for a few days, but I sure am looking forward to it.  Perhaps at the Daffodil Classic …  

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