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19 Aug

Anti-Virus on Voting Machines

Perhaps an obvious analogy, but it made me laugh nonetheless:  

02 Mar

Generating Colliding X.509 Certificates

I just finished reading Colliding X.509 Certificates by Arjen Lenstra, Xiaoyun Wang, and Benne de Weger and I now have chills running up my spine. If I understand the paper correctly, the researchers generated two RSA moduli that could be swapped but still produce the same MD5, which means that the contents of a certificate […]

16 Feb

SHA-1 Broken

Bruce Schneier reports on his blog that SHA-1 has been broken as described in a paper by Chinese researchers Xiaoyun Wang, Yiqun Lisa Yin, and Hongbo Yu. Federal Information Processing Standard 180 (FIPS-180) describes SHA-1 in the following way: Explanation: This Standard specifies a Secure Hash Algorithm, SHA-1, for computing a condensed representation of a […]

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