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03 Apr

Whither Thou Bloggest?

As I’m sitting here in a forum discussing the use of blogs, I’m listening to a speaker talk about how those of us who only post every couple of weeks aren’t really taking full advantage of blogs. Being an example of that, I thought I’d go ahead and make my first April post. Blogs have […]

02 Mar

Can you read this?

Reuters reports on a 13-year old British girl who turned in an essay written in texting shorthand, the abbreviated and phonetic code used when sending SMS messages on cell phones. The British instructor couldn’t understand what appeared to be a coded message and the cell phone texting was craze berated as a something causing a […]

24 Feb

Is Software Development An Engineering Process?

At a recent conference, Alan Cooper, the father of the Visual Basic programming language, made the following statement: “The act of constructing software is, in fact, not an engineering process. Engineering to me is problem-solving, which is very different from solution implementations, which is what programmers [do].” [see this Infoworld article for the details] Cooper’s […]

13 Feb

No Telemarketers Except Us

There’s nothing more amusing than a bill with a self-serving component. The Washington Post reports today that the House approved a bill setting up a national “Do Not Call” list for those of us who do not want to be called by telemarketers. Of course, the telemarketers are fighting this tooth and nail on the […]

12 Feb

Time To Stick It To The Music Industry

Looks like those crazy guys in the record industry are the subject of a class action suit for price fixing! What a surprise! Go to the Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation Settlement web site and sign up. It’s unlikely you’ll see any dollars from this, but it’ll serve as a punitive measure against […]

08 Feb

What’s In A Title?

I’ve had a difficult time with job titles throughout my career because it seems that few of the people who are not in my industry understand what it is that I do for a living. That may seem trite and unimportant, but I’ve found that it’s quite the contrary. Today I had a brief discussion […]

09 Jan

Catching Up

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d hit the mailbag … (apologies to Tony Kornheiser) Our first question comes from Mr. W. Gates of Redmond. He writes, “I really like my Tablet PC, but sales seem to be sluggish. What’s up with that?” Well, Mr. Gates, having seen and touched several of the units, […]

20 Nov

Is $9.99 Cheap For Music?

That’s what the Universal Music Group, a division of Vivendi would have us believe. According to Reuters, a new music service making available 43,000 songs on the web via Liquid Audio is a “direct blow to the peer to peer services”. I’m sorry, but these guys really ought to share whatever it is that they […]

13 Nov

Napster Co-Founder’s New Company

Take a look at this article on CNet. Sean Parker, one of the founders of Napster, started a company called Plaxo to help people keep their Outlook contacts up to date. I’ve been sent a couple of contact updates already by friends using products similar to Plaxo. I’m fascinated by the fact that they got […]

23 Oct

More Shameless Self-Promotion (Act IV)

My latest article on my life in the world of software engineering is posted at Builder.COM. The title is If you are the lone gun, take aim at time bandits. It talks about my latest goings-on — being the CTO of a 3 person startup venture and how to make the best use of your […]

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